Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Outfit and Makeup Snaps

I did take a few actual outfit pictures outside but for the most part, I stuck with these mirror pics. All I brought to WA was pants, tops, sweaters, scarves and two pairs of tall boots so it made getting dressed (and staying warm) much simpler!

left: Target pants + sweater, Old Navy top, Le Chateau scarf. right: Old Navy sweater/top/jeans, scarf bought at airport kiosk in Kentucky, USA.

left: Target top, jeans and cardigan. right: Target cardigan and shirt, Old Navy jeans

 left: Target sweater, H&M shirt, Walmat jeans. right: H&M sweater, Target scarf/leggings, Charlotte Russe shirt.

left: H&M sweater, Target top/pants. right: H&M blazer, Target pants, Forever 21 top.

 left: Old Navy sweater/jeans, Target tshirt. right: Target sweater cape, Old Navy jeans, Target tops, Le Chateau scarf.
Target jacket/sweater cape, Walmart jeggings

Also, here are some random makeup pics.


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