Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Night

I wore this manicure pretty much all week. Loved it! It took a while to grow on me though. I used striping tape to achieve the look. I started with just one coat of Julep "Pippa", added the tape and then did one thick coat of Zoya "Cynthia".

I quickly put this on today in honour of the Oscars. Julep "Rachel" and then an accent nail of Julep "Oscar".  

 Are you excited for the Oscars tonight? I am. I always look forward to the Grammy's, Oscars and Golden Globe Award shows.  I think Seth McFarlane will  be a great host tonight!  I haven't seen all of the nominations but Les Miserables blew me away so I really hope it does well. I'd love to see it win Best Pic, Best Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway) and Best Actor (Hugh Jackman). I'd like to see Jennifer Lawrence win Best Actress (although I don't think she will) because I kind of love her haha And I definitely want Christoph Waltz to win Best Supporting Actor  because he's amaaaazing.


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