Friday, February 8, 2013

Santa Cruz Eats

I had such a great time in Santa Cruz with family, it was hard to say goodbye! It was a fairly healthy trip. My aunt, whose house we stayed at, is gluten-free and eats very clean plus we're all pretty healthy/active people. 

leftovers from a restaurant plus brown rice and veggies

Trader Joes salad with added quinoa

Jamba Juice orange/carrot juice

These were my indulgence! So tasty.

Leftover salad, brown rice and Costco dolmas

nachos with the toppings on the side so I could have some!

breakfast smoothie (almond milk, flaxmeal, frozen blackberries, banana and almond butter)

salad with pomegranate

at a restaurant (good but too much soy sauce)

Bran Flakes with walnuts and frozen pomegranate

Bran Flakes with flaxmeal, blueberries, banana and cinnamon

curry at Tally Gort's Cafe in Monterey

Starbucks snack at San Diego airport

dinner I helped make

almond milk and a cookie


  1. cool :) I lived in Monterey for 2 years before moving to Oceanside!

  2. Sounds like a great trip with a lot of great meals! Everything looks really delicious! You know the dolma plate is my fav though ;)

  3. You ate well on your trip! Everything looks healthy and delicious. :)


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