Friday, February 15, 2013

Too many bread products this week, for sure. I need to cut back on the gluten again! Still, lots of yummy eats. Let's start with dinner last night at Native Foods Cafe which I HIGHLY recommend. So delicious. They make everything there themselves! Even their own tempeh, cheese etc. It's all vegan but it's definitely a place even meat eaters would love. Honestly, we plan on going back again this weekend haha I'm also ordering the cookbook.

My husband had the chicken sun ranch burger (I think that's the official name). He loved it, even more so than the scorpion burger we shared last time. He got a side of chipotle too.
I went with the lasagna special since they only had it for Feb 14th. It was delicious because it tasted like lasagna I grew up eating, only with portobello mushrooms instead of meat. :)
My husband picked out the carrot cake cupcake and peanut butter parfait for dessert. I don't have a big sweet tooth (I love dark chocolate and I bake a lot at home because I can make things less sweet. I just don't like super sugary things, never have). Both were delicious just a bit too sweet/rich for my personal taste. But a spoonful of each was perfect!
My husband asked for 16oz of ranch to go and they actually sold it to him haha I have no idea how much it was, didn't pay attention, but I thought that was awesome! Their ranch is HEAVEN. And I've never even been a big ranch fan! My husband loves it but says the dairy ones make him feel a bit gross. That's my husband tasting the vegan pinot noir which I got. I've never really developed a strong taste for wine especially now that SO many aren't vegan but I loved this one!! My husband had the porter beer and it was delicious as well.

Our entire $42 meal ended up being refunded because we waited an hour and a half for our food! But the place was crazy busy for Valentine's Day. We waited in line (you order/pay up front) for about 20min and the line didn't die down the entire 2 hours that we were there. So it was understandable that an order could have gone by unseen. The manager was super apologetic when my husband went to ask about our food (once we realized just how long we'd been waiting haha) and yeah, comped our meal. So I definitely don't hold it against the place. Mistakes happen! 

I made us some pancakes this morning but we were out of milk so I made oat meal! I used this recipe but I used just regular rolled outs without soaking them. It worked great! On its own it tastes like oats and cinnamon. Obviously not as nutritious as some other non dairy milks but it was great in a pinch since it's so fast (and cheap) to make.

Made this pizza dough in my bread machine and was very happy with how it turned out. I also bought some Daiya last weekend and have been enjoying that. In the past I was "meh" about it but I'm actually really loving it this time.  For me, the trick is to use a small amount. Too much and the taste is too strong, I find. But a small amount makes it taste a bit cheesy and gives you great texture when melted. 

Delicious panini style sandwich with mushroom, avocado, cucumber, tomato and Daiya mozzerella. 

More pancakes. I tried these (the dark ones) but they didn't turn out the best.

Asparagus and curry. When I buy asparagus, I eat it every day until it's gone since my husband doesn't like it and I want to use up the entire bunch. I looove it with a bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper baked at 425F for 12ish minutes!

Portobello mushroom burger.

 Made this on the 13th so my husband could wake up to them on Valentine's Day. He gets up crazy early and I honestly don't even hear him get up anymore, I'm so used to it haha 

Eggplant burger! I used this recipe but didn't have poultry seasoning so I just used Italian. It was really really tasty! Even my husband liked it and he doesn't like eggplant. I think with poultry seasoning it'd be even better. I cooked it in just a little bit (not even enough to cover the bottom of the frying pan) of coconut oil so its just lightly fried.  I also baked some sweet potato and yams.  PS The Sweetest Vegan is such a cute Youtube channel! If you know of similar ones, let me know!

Made this pasta dish and loved it! 

Yummy dinner a friend made. I'll have to get the recipe from her but basically it is a basil pesto with roasted red peppers.

Vegan nachos.  My favourite "junk food" meal.  I make the cheese sauce by cooking some flour and Earth Balance (or coconut oil. I've tried that too and it worked!), water, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt, pepper and usually some garlic. It's good if you add in salsa and/or refried beans too. 


  1. Oh! I'm going to have to try your method for making cheese sauce for nachos. It looks delicious. Nachos are a favorite snack of mine, too.

  2. Everything looks amazing Sophie! It's funny, I was craving chocolate covered strawberries but had no strawberries or interest in making an effort, lol! I'll have to live vicariously through you! Your mushroom burger and eggplant burger look amazing as do the nachos! Very cool that they comped your meal for the wait too! I agree with you about the daiya, less is more :)

  3. Ahh all this food looks so yummy!

    xo Jennifer


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