Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today was long and not in the best of ways. A meeting that didn't go as I hoped and then 5 hours of waiting around on base for my husband to finish up at work (I watched Jack Reacher and The Sandlot hehe). But! Husband has tomorrow off so the weekend has officially started. He leaves for 2 weeks of training on Tuesday so we'll be sure to make the most of our time together these next few days.

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated when taking my outfit pictures because I do it myself with a point an shoot camera... no tripod or remote. I don't have great lighting indoors so I always go outside. So then it's a matter of finding somewhere to balance my camera and have the sun in the right spot. Oh and preferably no people next to me. haha Not the easiest task! So last weekend I asked my husband to snap a few shots. I couldn't not laugh but am hoping to make it a regular weekend thing!

I have to talk about this jacket. I tried it on At Old Navy recently and felt it was promising. I was on the website and remembered they have a "tall" section. I decided to order the jacket in Tall and am so happy I did! It's hard to find jackets, especially denim or faux leather, that are long enough. I also have a larger chest so cropped jackets just don't work on me. I have tried on sooo many and just ended up looking super boxy. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a faux leather jacket come Fall!

These pictures below I took earlier in the day. This Target dress is so comfortable and I love the classic cut! I've been drawn to longer hemlines lately. I think it's an age thing, honestly.


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