Friday, March 1, 2013

Fitness Update

First of all, look at all of this food a friend gave me before moving away!! My kitchen has never been so full of food, haha. It's pretty awesome.  What isn't awesome is her moving away!

On the go dinner. Splurged on one of these Evolution juices from Starbucks. I think they are over $5! It was tasty though and it says they don't use heat. The spicy lentil wrap was delicious and now I have my eye on this recipe.

Native Foods Cafe nachos! Omg, amazing. I'd seen quite a few people order them and they just looked too good to pass up. My husband loved them too. Corn, salsa, green onions, a bit of "cheesy" sauce, faux beef, black beans, some sort of cashew spread, guacamole etc

Bean dip. I tried out a new brand of vegan cheese called Go Veggie! Have you had it before? Um, it's DELICIOUS. I was quite surprised! You mostly hear about Daiya (which has grown on me) but I actually like this better. It's one of the things my friend gave me when she moved. This is the "Mexican style" one. I don't really remember what real cheese tastes like anymore but to me this tastes the most like it. It also melts well, as you can see.  It is similar, nutrition wise, to Daiya but it has more calcium! Their products didn't used to be vegan but they recently came out with some that are.

More green smoothies. I have fresh frozen blueberries, pineapple, banana and mango right now so it's smoothie heaven up in here!

This sweet potato falafel is delicious. I will definitely make it again.

I had both of these green smoothies this week and they were delicious.

I made these "brownies". I use that term loosely because they are really too moist to be like brownies. I think my banana was too big haha I have been enjoying them! I stuck them in the freezer last night so I'm curious to see how they taste that way. 

I made this sandwich and oh man, it was tasty! Try it!

I used the Bob's Red Mill gf pizza mix to make this pizza. This is just half of the dough. Uhh, as you can see... I forgot I had to pre-bake this before adding the toppings. haha So I scraped them off, baked it and then continued on. Oops. So I can't really honestly judge the pizza crust since I messed it up! I will try the second half this weekend.

Tried this tea. It was....different. haha I didn't love it but it was alright.

I know I haven't talked about fitness in a while so here's a bit of an update! Well, first of all, I gained weight. Besides over indulging over Christmas, I can't think of any other reason why. I'm trying to not be bothered by it and just focus on being healthy though. If it's supposed to come off, it will. I re-joined the gym yesterday because I just got way too bored with working out at home. My goal is not only to tone up but to really gain some muscle! If you follow my Tumblr then you know sort of what I'm aiming for.

I was running but only once or twice a week but I recently signed up for the Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run in June so I've started training for that. I did it last year as well. I'm using this training plan and really love it. I run Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun.

I'll update at the end of the month to talk about what I've been doing, progress etc. :)

new top and my first treadmill run in over a year


  1. Jealous of those waffles right now!

  2. Whenever I buy juices at Starbucks (usually the happy planet green juice)I get them to blend it with ice. They stick it in a venti to go cup and its a yummy healthy frap-like drink ;)

    1. That's a good idea!! I figured it was only a couple bucks more than a coffee drink, so not so bad. Cheaper for me to juice at home but handy on the go.

  3. What great looking meals! The waffle looks delicious and those nachos!!!! I'm so jealous there is no Native Foods here. I've been dying try it, everyone's pics look so yummy! Good luck with your fitness goals, I know you'll achieve everything you set your mind to :)


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