Saturday, March 2, 2013

Natural Makeup Look

I thought I'd show you guys how I do a natural makeup look. The point of it is to not really look like I'm wearing makeup but to enhance my features, even out skin tone etc I've heard some people say that they don't like how they look in makeup because they look so different. But if you keep it simple, you can definitely still look like yourself! I often do this look when I want to look fresh and put together but don't feel like wearing any colours.

These are the products that work for me but obviously you want ones that work with your skin tone. 

I do a tinted moisturizer (Physician's Formula Organic Wear) followed by some concealer on any bumps/red areas (elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer) and then a mineral foundation to blend it all together, get rid of shine etc (The All Natural Face in Almond Goddess. That is a sample size but I have ordered a full size one, it just hasn't arrived yet). I like a sticky concealer (Benefit Erase Paste) for under my eyes.
Here I went with a very natural looking blush (Sally Girl C Ya).
I always like to contour and highlight which is honestly really simple. I use a matte bronzer (theBalm Bahama Mama) under my cheek bones and a bit on the sides of my nose and jawline. If you don't have bangs you'll want to do your forehead too so you have a "c shape". I just don't usually bother since my bangs would hide it anyway). I highlight (elf Studio Duo Highlighter & Concealer) in my cupids bow, underneath the outer part of my eyebrows, inner corner of my eyes and along the top of my cheek bone.
If you have very sparse brows and need to fill in "bald" spots, you may want a pencil liner but I can generally get by with a cream/wax (elf Studio Brow Kit).

I don't always bother with primer (elf Mineral or Essential primers are my go tos) for this look since it doesn't crease.
I use a nude matte shade all of my eyelids (theBalm Meet Matt(e) palette). I use a damp angled eyeliner brush to then apply a dark shadow along my lashes on the top and the outer corner of the bottom (same palette). Sometimes I will also apply a medium brown shade to the crease but I didn't here and if I did, I would use primer first.
For a look like this I like a natural looking lash (Blinc mascara) and I use an eyelash curler (elf).

I recommend a tinted balm that will even out the colour of your lips but isn't dramatic (Fresh Sugar Lip Balm).


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