Sunday, March 3, 2013

For Sale

Two manicures sees to be the norm for me these days! I also realized I'm pretty sure I've only bought one bottle of polish so far this year! That's pretty awesome considering I used to buy multiples bottles a week! Polish addiction has been broken. Not say I don't still love and enjoy the hobby, I have just cured that desire to buy buy buy and I'm happy about that. I have just over 200 bottles of polish and have no desire to raise that number so I keep trying to sell/give away some in order to make room for the new.

First look is featuring this little mini polish from Walgreens that has no name. I got it in a Halloween clearance pack. I was hoping it would be this opaque hot pink but nope, it's quite sheer. Still, I really like the glitter. For a base, I used Zoya "Kimmy".

 Loved this look! The green shade is Sinful Colors "Mint Apple" which has a beautiful shimmer to it. The pink, not surprisingly, is Zoya "Shelby".  The glitter is Sparkles by Julie "Dots n Stripes".  She is actually closing her shop (ending her business) so her polishes are on sale right now! Only $2.50 for minis and $5 for full size!

Also, I will be updating my shop soon! Here are a few items that you will be seeing but if interested, feel free to email me. Prices are negotiable and shipping charges will be applied.

$6 each
(OPI sold)

Victoria's Secret sheer crop top $8

Mossimo wedge sandals size 10 $12

Mossimo lightweight skirt skirt $10


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