Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Again

Is it seriously Friday already? Not that I'm complaining! I had a good week. I've been at the gym every day (since Sunday) and am down two pounds. I am sorta looking to lose 5ish pounds to get to where I was but am more interested in gaining muscle which I realize means gaining weight.  I just want to feel and look great, really!

Super thick tropical green smoothie. I think it was almond milk, water, flaxmeal, chia, frozen pineapple and frozen banana.

This was freakin' delicious. Butternut squash lasagna! I basically made a roux (flour, butter, milk, garlic) and then blended that with spinach for the sauce. Then I did layered of baked squash and noodles. On top I did some vegan cheese. I'm so making this again!

My husband requested "chicken" and waffles". haha I stuck to just one Gardein strip because as yummy as it was, it felt weird to eat at 9am.

Eggplant burger. I bought poultry seasoning so I just had to make these again! So delicious. I'm going to try baking them next time so that they are healthier.

Big ol' juice. Celery, kale, tingelo, apples and cucumber.

Tasty although I will admit it would have been better on an english muffin. What is with my junk food breakfasts this week?  Recipe here!

Enchiladas, my love. Except I made these wayyy too spicy haha

Sorry about the not so nice picture but this was gluten free pizza crust (Bob's Red Mill) topped with hummus, sweet potato falafel and veggies. Mmm.

Homemade fresh lemonade with some bourbon.

Oatmeal with mashed banana and nuts. 

Green curry with tofu from Thai One On.   I always get either their green or yellow curry!

More juice

Banana pineapple soft serve (just process frozen fruit in your food processor or Omega juicer) topped with unsweetened coconut and some  mini chocolate chips.


  1. Congrats on the two pounds, you are off to a great start! Your meals look so gorgeous! That lasagna looks AMAZING!! So warming and comforting, yum! The chick'n and waffles look great too and those enchiladas! Extra spicy is always a good thing ;)

  2. nice & healthy choices there... congrats on the 2 pounds I wish I had enough motivation to go to the gym everyday and eat healthy haha. The lasagna sounds delicious & looks so good! xx

  3. Recipe for the Butternut squash lasagna please!

    1. I really just winged it! When I make it again, I'll write out a proper recipe. But basically you want to make a white sauce/roux with flour, milk, butter and whatever seasoning you want. Then blend it with spinach. Roast some slices of butternut squash. Then just layer sauce, noodles, squash, sauce repeat and top with cheese. I used a 8x8 pan and baked for 40min at 375. I was inspired by this recipe. I just made mine healtheir and vegan:


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