Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Polishes

Remember when I did this jelly manicure? Well, I found myself wishing I had a nude jelly to make a sandwich with. Then I stumbled across this post and thought, perfect! So I picked up Wet n Wild "2% Milk" (gross name) at Walgreens where it was $1 off.  For the glitters I used a Forever 21 polish as well as Sparkles by Julie "Trick or Treat" (no longer available).  I was very happy with the results! "2% milk" applied well, not streaky, but very very sheer. I actually did three coats on both the bottom and top. haha They were thin though, so it worked.

The next two manicures feature new polishes from the Julep Maven March box. I had meant to skip the month but forgot. Well, I'm glad I did because I reeally love these shades! They are all ones I've been wanting to get for Spring, actually.  A gorgeous coral and two pretty pastel shades with subtle shimmer.

Simone, Teri and Shenae. 

I played around with different lines  here using a striping brush. Far from perfect but overall I liked it. Isn't "Simone" such a pretty shade? It actually arrived totally broken but I decanted it into an empty Julep bottle I have.  Still, Julep is sending me a new one so I will probably franken with this one... perhaps add some glitter and clear? Oh and I'm holding "Shenae" in the pictures.

Here I used "Shenae" for the base. I adore mint shades but they always look more blue than green on me! The design is created with "Teri".  To make it, I added 4-5 drops of the polish into some room temperature filtered water then sprayed it with perfume (any alcohols spray should work) which created "holes". Then I proceeded like you would with water marbling. Downside, I didn't get all of the fingers to look similar. Upside? I reeeally love both looks.  On my left hand, the first few came out so delicate! It reminded me of coral but I bet if it were black it would look similar to lace! Then on my right hand some look more like bubbles (which is normally the affect you get).  What do you think? I will definitely try this again, maybe with hairspray. Perfume was smelly- my nails are still scented two days later!


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