Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Moments

  1.  My poor kitty was pretty freaked out that there was another animal in the house. Look how big his tail is fluffed up!!
  2. Today's workout. I just started the Muffin Topless Summer Challenge! I'm pretty excited.
  3. New polishes from Rite Aid. I don't buy polish that often anymore so it felt like such a treat!
  4. Soy green tea frapp from Starbucks. Husband got the same thing but latte. Our favourites.
  5. Enjoying some homemade unsweetened tea. When the weather is hot, I love to keep a big batch of cold tea in the fridge!
  6. I walked a friend/neighbour's dog and had him in our apartment for a bit. Here is trying to play with my grumpy dog haha
  7. Our car rental for the week! We should be buying a new car this week but had to have something in the mean time. It's such a fun car! My husband wants to buy one now but it's just too small!
  8. Enjoying the sun on our porch. I'm reading Room and love it!
  9. Been curling my hair with my new Baby Bliss 1/2" travel size flat iron. It's perfect for creating texture/small curls and waves.
  10. Farmer's Market purchases on Saturday. Husband was in hummus heaven so we got a huge thing of chipotle and a huge thing of avocado cilantro! Also, organic strawberries (maybe the best I've ever had), pita (free with the hummus), basil and (not pictured) eggs for my husband.
  11. Meal prep today! Details on Friday.
  12. I'm a ShoeDazzle convert! My new shoes are so awesome and SO comfortable. They will be on the blog tomorrow! And I love that they threw in this free gift!


  1. I love Mini Coopers. I think they are adorable, but I hear the maintenance on them is like owning a BMW. It can be pricey!


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