Monday, April 29, 2013

Let's Get Out of the House

  •  Outdoor snuggles
  • Only place I ever really order wine is at Native Foods Cafe
  • Ready to head to a friend's going away party. I wear this scarf a lot.
  • First ride in the Jeep! In our car he liked to be right up by us so he whined A LOT being in the back but he'll get used to it!
  • UFC date night + bar food
  • Hair/makeup for the going away party. I love curling my hair with a 1/2" flat iron!
  • Story day at the beach
  • Our dog's favourite place to be


  1. Looks like some really fun times!! Congrats on the new car!! I bet it's a great feeling :) UFC is a perfect date night in my book ;) Your hair looks so pretty! i've never tried curling mine with a flat iron, I should try!


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