Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Pleasures

  • William giving the flowers a good sniff. The dog did the same thing. hehe
  • Seeing how I'll look with a bob... come Thursday ;) The shirt is from Target.
  • Kitty snuggles. He crawls onto my lap every night.
  • Entertainment for 1. I watched The Exotic Marigold Hotel - cute!
  • Longest run to date, yay!
  • New chair + pillow from Target so that I can properly enjoy the sunshine on my little porch...whenever it decides to show up.
  • Studs! The pedicure is still going strong a week later where as the nail ones only lasted a day or two.
1 week down, 1 1/2 more until my husband comes back home. We're used to doing the long distance thing but I still miss him! Keeping myself busy this week with sewing, workouts, beach day, meeting new people etc


I appreciate every comment I receive so if you're leaving one right now, thank you!! <3


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