Friday, April 26, 2013

Muffin Topless Summer Challenge

Lots of pictures this week! I've been upping my caloric intake because of all the exercising I'm doing. I find I generally get around 1700 calories but I should be getting more like 2000 so I've been making an effort to do so. Also upping the protein since I'm lifting! More on that below.

Monday meal prep. Black bean brownies (again), overnight oats, whole wheat bread (really liked this recipe), salt n vinegar chickpeas (omg so good!), banana flax crackers and unsweetened tea.

Farmer's Market purchases

The overnight oats the next morning, topped with strawberries

Pizza on pita bread with homemade tomato sauce

Azteca Salad at Native Foods Cafe. Delicious!!

BJ's lunch salad without croutons. Not quite so pretty haha
I usually get pizza but I tried the angel hair toscana minus the cheese/garlic bread. Delicious!! 

Frozen banana, frozen strawberries, tbsp or so of unsweetened cocoa powder, 1+ cups of almond milk, flaxmeal, spinach...  tasted kinda like a chocolate strawberry shake! Mmm.

Chipotle tomato soup (this plus I added chipotle hummus) and a grilled cheese sandwich. I'm trying the Trader Joes vegan mozzarella shreds and I like it!  I seem like to really like vegan cheese now. I thought it was just okay for the first year of being vegan. 

These cookies but I left out the sugar and added an extra half cup of applesauce

I added some liquid chlorophyll to my oats this morning. It has peppermint in it so it was tasty!

More frozen strawberries in this yummy protein shake.

A sunny day favourite. Homemade strawberry margaritas, chips and salsa!

Veggie dog! I actually hadn't had one before but it was really good. I used the SmartLlife brand. My husband loved them. 

Super pretty wrap with both beet hummus and chipotle hummus.

Avocado lime smoothie

Soy green tea frap from Starbucks

These again but I added spinach and zucchini

Why had I never thought to make sweet potato pierogies!??! Pierogies are my favourite and this healthier version was delicious. I will definitely make these again.

More oatmeal. 

 So I started a new fitness program on Monday and am loving it! It's the "Muffin Topless Summer Challenge" and it focuses on weight lifting. I chose this one because it includes cardio and I'm still doing my 10k training. After the 10k race in June I plan on switching to Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program.

Monday workout
Most toned my abs have ever been. Thanks clean diet!

Can't wait to see these angles in a month or two!

Todays workout + "flex Friday" haha I don't have too much to show off yet!

My new sports bra. I LOVE it! It's the VSX Sport Pro Sports bra. I love the fit! I can actually wear it without a shirt. It's very support (I'm wearing a DD), breathes well, is comfortable etc It has underwire cups and then another thin layer of fabric over that. 


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