Friday, April 5, 2013

Pre-Cleanse and During

Food pictures are from Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon and then I did a juice cleanse up until just right now when I decided to have some edamame haha I'm going to do mainly juicing/smoothies for the next few days though.

Nachos! Quinoa tortilla chips, quinoa, black beans, black olives, a sauce using nutritional yeast/spices/water/bit of coconut oil/cornstarch, bell peppers... 

Easter morning I made donuts for my husband and I but added some cocoa powder. Uhh they didn't really turn out right haha I think if the batter had sat for longer they would have risen properly. How ironic on Easter that my donuts did not rise up ;)

A better picture of that delicious moussaka (without fake meat) I made from the Native Foods cookbook. Soo good! My husband didn't like it though (found it too mushy) so I had to eat the entire casserole! Normally I am sick of a meal once I've had it twice in a row but I happily ate this four days in a row!

Easter dinner was... Native Foods Cafe! haha I tried the portobello sausage burger and omgggg. So good. Their burgers are the closest thing to "greasy diner food" I've had without being that. Like they aren't greasy but they feel like comfort food. I don't know... just try them.

Made a quesadilla out of leftover nacho bean mixture with some Daiya and dipped it in leftover sauces from Native Foods (ranch and chipotle). Whoa, this was good! They have the BEST dips I've ever had, non vegan included.

My favourite snack lately is the homemade bagels topped with sunflower seed butter, chia seeds and cinnamon!

Curry, of course! This was more like curry soup with some quinoa haha

Onto the cleanse! You can find all of the recipes in my "spring cleanse" (I didn't do the full 5 days) in my Juice Cleanse Facebook Group. :)  I did three juices and a smoothie each day. I don't always include smoothies but when I want to keep up with my workouts, it gives me a nice boost of energy for that.  Aren't juice cleanses so pretty?  hehe


  1. This post is making me hungry! haha awesome photos!


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