Friday, April 12, 2013

Tasty Tasty

Short post this week. I've been sticking to really healthy meals with some indulgences here and there. I'm happy with eating 90% clean. Of course, I'm better at remembering to take pictures of the less healthy stuff so these pictures aren't totally accurate as far as what I really eat! I should try to do like a daily food diary now and then.

Carrots with beet hummus from the farmer's market. I love the pink!

The Target near me started selling vegan ice cream!!! Ahhh!! Good stuff too! This one was SO good but I did notice it has carrageenan in it which I prefer to avoid. So I might not re-purchase it but yeah. Tasty. They had a bunch of SoDelicious ones too.

Homemade quiche. I have always been a total sucker for quiche. I really liked this recipe and think you could customize it any way you like. I didn't add vegan cheese, just extra nutritional yeast.

I like this cereal because it is just one ingredient- wheat! Not gluten free but I appreciate the lack of sugar and the fiber. I just add fruit for sweetness and some cinnamon!

Tortilla chips with salsa, homemade refried beans and homemade guac! Nom!

Big indulgence. These cookies. Ugh, so good.

Faux chicken burger with more beet hummus!


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