Friday, May 24, 2013

Lots of Smoothies & Workouts

Pancakes topped with peanut butter, applesauce, banana and chia seeds

Pumpkin oatmeal. Pumpkin should be enjoyed all year round!

Van's gf waffles with SoDelicious strawberry banana yogurt, homemade raspberry jam, strawberries and coconut whip. I am loving this jam!! Sooo simple to make. 

This was a for sure favourite this week. I chopped up 1 cup of oats in a food processor and then cooked it in 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk. I added a tbsp of peanut butter, a tsp of chia seeds and a bit of vanilla. Then when it was done I topped it with raspberry jam and strawberries. I usually use whole oats and cook them in water but this was a delicious change. It was thick like baked oatmeal!

I ate this a few times as well. Babara's cereal with homemade granola, soy yogurt and fruit.

Had Menchie's with my husband. Ours always ends up costing so much because we pile on the fruit haha

I love Beanfields!! So tasty.
This is a new favourite for sure. I blended frozen blackberries with water, frozen banana and VegaOne protein powder.

This one is VegaOne vanilla protein powder with water, frozen strawberries and a banana. Maybe I added peaches, I can't remember. Yum!
Today's smoothie. I basically have one every afternoon, normally after my workout.

Gotta love a big ol' salad
Tacos using tempeh as meat. This was only my second time cooking with tempeh but I used this recipe.

Thug Kitchen recipe!! haha Pinto bean and sweet potato. It's so yummy.

Saturday night we went out to a bar for UFC. Ordering food as a vegan in a bar is tricky. I got the fajita plate without sour cream but I forgot to say without cheese so I had to get new lettuce/guacamole and rice/beans plates... but they didn't bring me new beans. I don't know why. haha I hate sending food back especially when it's my mistake, like, I should have said "no cheese" because Mexican food always has cheese (it just wasn't on the menu). This did feed me for three meals though!

Last night I had this pasta and asparagus. The pasta was really bland though, to be honest.

Asparagus, Boca burger and lime kale chips. Loved the lime addition!

60 second chocolate chip muffin. I used a chia egg instead of a real egg and the texture was a bit off, like sponge-like. Still tasty though. Topped with coconut whip. I was putting whip on everything to use up some I'd made before it went bad haha

These are super tasty and easy! I used peanut butter and the stevia.

Simple fruit salad with coconut whip and unsweetened coconut.

I'm on the second phase of the Muffin Topless Summer Challenge so I thought I'd share with you all my workouts from the first phase!w=week and then either week one, two, or three. The next number is the amount of weight I used. It's the total weight for machines and barbells but the weight of one dumbbell. It helped me keep track to see if I was lifting the same, heavier etc. I was happy to see that most weeks I could lift more than the last! I am brand new to lifting so no, I don't lift crazy heavy haha

My schedule went like this:
Monday Chest
Tuesday Back & Cardio
Wednesday Cardio & Abs
Thursday Shoulders & Cardio
Friday Legs
Saturday Rest
Sunday Arms & Cardio


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