Saturday, May 25, 2013

Purple Hair

Up early this morning to get in a leg workout then I'm off to the farmer's market with a friend. :) Looking forward to my husband coming home tonight and getting to spend a bit more time with him! He has Monday/Tuesday off so even though he has to work some of tomorrow, it'll be nice.

I basically lived in work out clothes all week, not gonna lie! But yesterday I was playing dress up in my closet, you know, trying new outfit combinations (do you do that?) and came up with this. I really liked it so I snapped some pics.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I decided to dye some of my hair purple! I literally decided on this the night before, went out and bought the dye and came home and did it. haha I am not normally that spontaneous!  I went with Manic Panic again because I know it shows up well on my brown hair (I don't want to bleach it), it doesn't harm my hair, is vegan and inexpensive. Oh you can also store it so no rush to use it up!  I went with a "dip dye" look where you only dye the bottom half of your hair. But I plan on dying just the ends soon so it'll be more ombre. It definitely turned outdarker than I expected but I am happy with it! It's super low maintenance too, no worry of roots showing!

"Ultra violet"

Very purple!

I kept on one for like 4 hours or something haha

I kept most of the dye in the bottom but brushed some higher up

Ta da!


  1. The ombre of the shirt is so pretty and I love the way that you've knotted the bottom of it rather than just tucking it into your skirt. The purple really stands out well in your hair and give a really funky festival look!


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