Monday, May 6, 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt


  • DIY face mask
  • I made some makeup remover wipes! Posted a tutorial on Nikki Designs here.
  • Bought a vase to hold the pretty flowers my husband bought me. We had some freak 90F  weather though and t totally killed them!
  • VitaCost order! It arrived the next day! <3 li="">
  • Hanging out with friends Saturday night.
  • The rest are all from a photo scavenger hunt I did with friends on Saturday. It was SO much fun. Such a good idea! I highly encourage getting some people together and giving it a shot. We  had 3 teams (one being just husbands). We had 2 hours to get as many items on a list we had as we could! We could only use one camera and a team member had to be in every photo. :D Afterwards, we got together and looked at the pictures on someone's TV and tallied up the scores. My team didn't win but hey.


  1. OMG I LOVE THAT YOU DID A PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT! I've wanted to do one for years but I've never been able to gather a group to do it. Do you happen to still have the list of tasks you used? I'd love to see it! Do you think maybe you could e-mail it to me? Thanks!!


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