Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fitness Update

Sorry about the lack of posts! I've been getting up early this week to hit the gym sooner. Which means I really do have time to get changed and take outfit pictures but I haven't. Let's just blame the rain. We want sunny Spring pictures not dark wet ones right? 

I am on week three of the Muffin Topless Summer Challenge. There are three parts and I decided I'd do each one for 3 weeks and then see how I feel at the end. I am really loving the routines. They take me around an hour. There is a different workout for shoulder/back/chest/legs/arms, a day of rest and a day of just cardio (but I'm adding yoga that day). I've also started doing the BodyCombat class at 24 Hour Fitness on Tuesdays which is great cardio.  I used to do weights but I'd do so many different exercises that I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Now I do fewer exercises, around 6 or so moves per session, but I lift heavier weights.  The Challenge generally calls for 3-4 sets and 10-12 reps. Personally, I find the reps are a bit high for heavy weights... I prefer 8-10. 

I've been trying to stick with my 10k training but it's tough. The 10k race is June 2nd so I don't have too much longer. I am feeling good about it though. I just want to do better than last year so I will know my work paid off! 

Here are a few progress pictures. Again, I'm only on Week 3. I'm hoping to see more results starting around week 6.

Can't see a difference this month (middle pic I was on a juice cleanse so my stomach looks different) but I am stronger!

New goodies from #target and #sportsauthority Nike Pros were 25% off!  My pets like to use my #yoga mat so I bought a new one for classes haha and I needed a bigger sweat towel! #shopping #fitness #workoutclothes #nikepro #gaiam #workitout
I'm inbetween Nike Pro sizes (I blame Tumblr for me wanting some so bad haha). I have a Medium pair but they are a bit small so I ordered these in a Large. The Size Chart says I'm a Medium so I will say that these run small in the legs but not the waist. The Larges are a tiny bit big on me in the calves and waistband but still, I love them. They are SO comfortable! They are quite "revealing" so it just motivates me all the more! Sports Authority is where I bought mine. The two pictured were 25% off and I get free 2 day shipping using ShopRunner. Also picked up a new yoga mat and sweat towel from Target.

Keep growing baby biceps! Haha missed abs on Wed so did ‘em today with legs. #muffintoplesssummerchallenge #fitblr #tumblr #flexfriday #workout #lifting #legsday #fitness #fit #eatcleantraindirty #veganfit #gym #workoutroutine
Example of my workouts. w = week so "w1" is weke one and then the weight I used (single dumbbell or total).

For more of my fitness stuff, you can see my workouts on Fitocracy, follow my Tumblr (lots of motivational pictures/quotes) and follow me on Instagram (personal posts).


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