Friday, May 10, 2013

Plan Ahead

Some of what I ate this week.

Food prep:
Almond butter and date syrup
Regular almond milk and dark chocolate
Pineapple and kale

Chocolate fruit tacos (these were fun!)
Same waffles as above. I freeze them and then just pop one into the toaster oven when I'm ready to eat. Topped with banana and date syrup.

This protein shake. I'd recommend leaving out the dates though, I found that made it too sweet!
Water, VegaOne chocolate protein powder, frozen strawberries/banana and spinach
Banana/pineapple soft serve (just frozen fruit processed until smooth. I use my juicer which makes it that shape hehe) topped with nuts and sugar free coconut whip (thick part of canned coconut + liquid Stevia!). I had this two nights in a row. haha SO freakin' good.
Sweet potato chips + hummus. I shared the chips with my pup. He loves sweet potatoes! 


GIANT burritos on Cinco De Mayo at home.
Chinese pineapple fried rice from Forks Over Knives cookbook
Salad with curried chickpeas
Burritos with saffron rice


  1. Yum, everything looks so delicious! Your meals always look delicious, you eat so well! That pineapple fried rice looks so DELICIOUS! I need to make some date syrup!

  2. My neighbor's grandma from India makes the BEST curried chickpeas EVER. OMG. they are to DIIIIE for!!!


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