Friday, June 21, 2013

Cooking for One

It's just me at home for a couple weeks as my husband is away for work. I tend to get very simplistic with my eating when it's just me.  Admittedly, sometimes I can be a bit repetitive and lazy too. haha As long as it's clean,  healthy food it doesn't bother me. 

I didn't do a typical shopping trip this week but I did hit up the 40% off sale at my favourite natural foods grocery store! It was slim pickings but I got some great stuff. That chocolate bar was delicious, by the way... like a Bounty bar!
My CSA box this week. Similar to last week except I got some tomatoes, daikon radishes (which I haven't figured out what to do with! I've never had them before) and savory.

Toast with peanut butter and cinnamon plus a smoothie of unsweetened almond milk, peach, some vanilla protein powder and frozen banana.
Oatmeal with raspberries and some vegan cream cheese! Oh and walnuts.
Buckeat groatmeal with peach and almonds. The peaches from the CSA are sooo good!
Easy frappucino in the Vitamix. Recipe is in the cookbook that came with it but it's basically cold coffee, almond milk, vanilla extract and ice.  I like adding a banana too!
Blueberry oatmeal. Mmm.

I made these tortillas following this recipe except I used spelt flour. They were too stiff to bend but they were great as quesadillas! Filled with black beans, sweet potato, avocado and Daiya.  Another day I made them with gluten free all purpose flour and they bent a bit better.
I can't remember what this one is. haha Oops. I'm guessing a peach smoothie!
So flippin' good. It's like a delicious milkshake. Just mix frozen banana, almond milk and peanut butter.
How cute is this?! It's a set I ordered off of Vegan Cuts! The brand is Simply Straws. I love it!
This smoothie is cucumber, pear, apple, spinach, peach and coconut water.

LOVE this black bean soup! I used this recipe but doubled the amount of black beans. It's sooo delicious. I mixed it in my Vitamix but heated on my stove. I feel weird letting my Vitamix run for longer than a couple minutes haha I realize it's fine to do!
This pasta was pretty indulgent but oh man, so good. I basically made a white sauce of Earth Balance, flour and almond milk then I added some cream cheese and a bit of Daiya. Then I added Bitchin Sauce pesto! The noodles are brown rice ones from Target and they are really good! I couldn't tell they weren't wheat. Sometimes gluten free noodles can have a weird texture, y'know? Not these.
This is so simple but very delicious. I roasted potatoes, carrots, zucchini and butternut squash (all from my CSA box!) with some tarragon (also CSA), olive oil, dill and thyme at 475F for 35min. I served in on top of a bed of red quinoa and topped with some Annie's Green Goddess dressing and Bitchin Sauce  Pesto. 
So, my husband generally avoids any sort of vegan cheese sauce I make but he actually ate this and had seconds! It's the nacho cheese sauce I posted about last week with Trader Joes Beef-less strips, homemade tomato sauce, some black beans and sweet potatoes. Delicious.
Here's one of the gluten free wraps filled with lettuce (CSA!), beans etc. 

Whole fruit margarita from my Vitamix cookbook :)
Horrible picture but I wanted to share the recipe because it was yummy! Great frozen treat. Frosty Chocolate Banana Cream Cups
Not the prettiest cookies but very tasty! I even had a friend try them and she not only had seconds but asked for the recipe. Vegan success! haha I used this recipe but replaced the agave with 30 drops of liquid Stevia, replaced the raisins with goji berries and added a few splashes of almond milk. I used a mix of gluten free all purpose flour and spelt.  I'm sure the original recipe is great too though. I love that they have quinoa in them!


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  2. Everything looks amazing! The CSA box has such beautiful produce, yum! The pasta with cheezy sauce sounds delicious!


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