Monday, June 10, 2013

Starbucks for Me and Carrots for Forrest


  • Friday's yoga class is so relaxing. I also did an ab routine.
  • My pup loves him some carrot pulp! haha
  • Layering up on a cool morning.
  • Back progress.
  • Awkward cat hahah
  • Soy mocha frap with a banana blended into it. I didn't know that was an option until yesterday! Starbucks charged me a whole dollar for the banana though! How crazy is that? And of course the soy is 60cents since they no longer do it for free when using a Starbucks card. Lame.
  • Shoulders day but I was liking how my quads are looking. haha I hope I don't look completely conceited with these pictures, they are really just a way for me to track progress and stay motivated! Oh, also, the shorts in the bottom right pic I got from Old Navy for just $5 and the top for $7... and then I used a $5 giftcard from the app ShopKick so I only paid $8! Score.
  • Yummy shake + BodyCombat/arm workouts.


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