Monday, July 1, 2013

Headscarves and $1 Coins

  • Picked up this headband at Forever 21. I can't get enough of headscarves like this! I especially love the wired ones. Ebay has them for cheap too.
  • This one is an actual scarf wrapped around and tied. I like that it looks like a bow.
  • Husband and I enjoying the beach. We got together with friends and had a beach bonfire. Actually, we made some random friends and used theirs haha
  • Our cat loves to copy our dog. I think he is confused about the fact that they are different animals haha We got him as a 2 month old kitten though and he was hand raised so I can't really blame him, I guess.
  • Rockin' the denim jacket while waiting to attend a graduation ceremony for my husband. That guy sure makes me proud!
  • Pretty night sky while walking my dog one evening. Temps have really gone up this past week so walking in the evening is much nicer.
  • My free Sephora birthday gift. I always try to pick it up. They always have great products!  Not vegan though because Benefit won't commit to being 100% cruelty free. 
  • Still making progress with my workouts.
  • I knew US $1 coins existed but I never really see them. Well, I bought a train ticket and the machine gave me some! 
ps. Sorry I've been behind on posting. Just busy enjoying life! My "Friday Foodie" post is now up.


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