Sunday, July 7, 2013

Las Vegas!

I'm back! Vegas was awesome! I had such a great time with my husband. We plan on going back maybe next year! It was my third time being there but his first.  So here's kind of a recap of what we did. I'll have some more pictures tomorrow.

We stayed at Tuscany Suites just off the strip. It was apparently only a 10min walk to the strip but in 110f it felt a LOT longer!  We had some issues with our room but overall liked the place and if you don't mind being off the strip, I'd recommend it as something very affordable!
The room was nice and big! I loved that it had a kitchenette except there was no microwave and toaster like there was supposed to be! Still, the fridge was handy since I'd brought some drinks. The little pile of stuff on the left was my makeup/hair products. I brought minimal makeup and it held up perfectly in the heat! I'll have to do a post on it soon. Then there's a spf moisturizer, jojoba oil and my homemade deodorant. I also brought black African soap and my Lush bar shampoo.  I like to really keep it simple when I travel.

Our BOGO beer at Sin City Brewery.  I loved the IPA. The Stout was good too. Even their frozen drinks were yummy (and strong) because they added the alcohol first.

Drunk husband and I at Toby Keith bar in Harrah's. Yeah, we bought the $19 drinks! haha You get your moneys worth though. Those suckers are strong.

Husband and I on July 4th... hence the red/white/blue outfit.

The reason we decided to go to Vegas at this time was because of the UFC Expo. It's two days (you can do one or both) of exibitors, fighters, Q&A etc. We actually paid for both days but my husband had to go back to work early so we were only able to attend one day :( The lines were pretty crazy. Even the smallest lines were at least 40min. The big lines were 3+ hours. So you really couldn't get a ton of photos/autographs with the fighters. My husband and I agreed that if we went back again, we wouldn't bother with any of the really long lines. We'd pick a few of the shorter ones, watch the Q&A stuff (we were able to watch most because it was next to where we were standing in line for Ronda but it was harder to hear. We did get to sit and watch Matt Hughes and Chuck Lidell though)...  The expo was a bit disappointing for me but I mean, I still had a great time. It was a cool experience. We actually saw a lot of fighters just in the hotel haha The day before the expo we ran into Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey! They were walking behind us for a while! But we felt weird bothering them so we didn't ask for a photo. My husband shook Greg's hand. haha So if you want to see UFC fighters for free, stay at Mandalay Bay during the expo :P Anyway, I snapped some pics of the fighters. Not great quality because you weren't "really" supposed to without waiting in line.

Stephan Bonnar
Anthony Pettis
Cain Valesquez
Joe Rogan Q&A
Ronda Roussey. She was the fighter we chose to stand in a loong line for (we were too late for the GSP line). We waited for 3 hours... and still missed out! I snapped this crappy pic right before she left haha They did a few of our emails to send us something though because they felt bad. She seemed so sweet though!  I have a girl crush.
Jon Jones also had an insane line but because the crew guys felt bad that we missed Rousey, they let us snap a quick pic with Jon! So that was cool. Dude is big. I'm 5'10 and my husband is 6ft.
This was at Mandalay Bay (not MGM where the fight was) for the weigh ins. We got there a bit late but thankfully found seats! It's totally free and open to the public. I really enjoyed it! It was just cool to see in person. Especially the Silva/Weidman "kiss" haha
Frankie Edgar weighing in. Love him!
Interviewing Silva. Let's not even talk about his loss.... I'm still trying to accept it haha
After the weigh ins we went back to the expo to hear Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell speak which was very cool.  We spotted Erick Silva and Stipe Miocic  who for some reason had NO line! So we got pics with them.  Stipe Miocic seemed like one of the sweetest guys! He was so smiley, talking to a baby haha 
Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell 
Who else is really excited for this season?

My outfits on Thursday and Friday. Those shoes seriously  held up! They remained very comfortable and we walked like 5 miles each day!

 Looking North on the strip
 Bellagio fountain show
 Okay, so Thursday morning my husband was flipping through some magazine in our hotel when he came across and ad for an Evil Dead musical!  Money was tight on this trip and we hadn't planned on attending a show... but we couldn't resist. So we bought tickets for Friday night and I'm SO glad we did! It was seriously so much fun. It was hilarious!  The acting was awesome, the comedy spot on and I loved how they interacted with the audience.  I think it was similar to live Rocky Horror performances although I haven't attended one.  As long as you like crude humour, I recommend it! I'd actually go see it again. There were a lot of regulars there. They also have a "splatter zone" where you get a free tshirt to wear and basically get sprayed with fake blood all throughout the show! haha We didn't do that but it's a tiny theater so it was fun watching others get sprayed.

 We left Vegas after the show which was at 11:30pm. My husband is crazy for wanting to leave them. He had napped but I hadn't. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open but I also couldn't sleep well! I slept off an on for the 4 1/2 hour drive home but it sucked!


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