Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Outside of My Comfort Zone

When I shop I'm generally either looking for basics that will go with everything or stand out pieces.  I also love to push myself outside of my comfort zone with trends. These pants definitely fit the bill! They kind of look like pajama pants so obviously they are crazy comfortable. They are super lightweight so pretty great for Southern California weather. I am a bit tall for them but it still works.  While I generally reach for tight pants, these are a welcomed change!  I think they are a lot of fun and wouldn't mind getting another pair in a different print. I wasn't really sure what to call these but ASOS refers to this style as "peg pants" so let's go with that.

 I'm still getting the hang of doing the faux hawk but it's pretty fun! My husband loves it and keeps asking me to do my hair this way, haha. I could use a stronger hold wax and perhaps a grittier texturizing spray. Any vegan recommendations?  Also, our cat loves to "give kisses" aka lick people (like our dog does) and here he is doing just that.


  1. I am loving the faux hawk! It's very "rocker chic"!


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