Thursday, July 25, 2013


How has everyone's week been?  I loved having my husband home even if it was only for 5 days.  Now he's gone again so I've been making plan with friends... beach on Sunday, Farmers Market on Thursay... a girls night somewhere in between.  The weather has cooled down a bit and I love it. It's warm enough to lay by the pool but cool enough (with the breeze) to get away with layers.

I tried this shirt on a few times but only recently finally bought it. Now I wish I hadn't waited so long. I went up a size and because it drapes so well, I love the oversized it. It really makes it look like a mans shirt.  

Target shirt

I picked up some knuckle rings at H&M the other day. They are a bit small and most of them only fit my index fingers but they are so cute! These are just a few of them.


  1. This is so so so cute!!! I absolutely love the chambray with mint shorts, so pretty and preppie. Cute hat too!


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