Friday, July 26, 2013

Eats & MF Summer Challenge Results

Meal prep:
Pierogies (this is after we ate half for dinner) the recipe is in 1,000 Vegan Recipes cookbook, these "clif" bars which are very tasty but don't really taste like Clif bars and this protein banana bread which was good but very dense (not surprsingly)...unfortunately, it went bad really fast! Like within a few days so I had to throw out half of it.  I also made granola which you'll see below. I heat up some dates in water and then blend that with whatever spices before adding it to my oats and whatever else I want. It works great because it helps it stick and add sweetness without any processed sugar!  The recipe is in Forks Over Knives cookbook.

I made these waffles and they taste like cookies! They are a bit dry and crumbly but tasty. Topped with peaches and date syrup here.
These is kind of sad looking haha But it's these biscuits (with whole wheat flour, raw sugar and almond milk/apple cider vinegar instead of buttermilk) topped with this benedict sauce. Really though, the sauce just tasted like nutritional yeast.
Van's gluten free waffles topped with mango, raspberries and date syrup
Homemade granola with fresh raspberries. I made this granola with unsweetened coconut, chia seeds, goji berries and freeze dried raspberries.

Liquid chlorophyll smoothie
Apple with almond butter
I bought Garden of Life Raw protein in vanilla chai and have been enjoying that. The flavour is quite strong but I like that I don't taste the Stevia in it. 
Tasty but like so many bars the first ingredient is brown rice syrup. I don't like sugar to be the first ingredient!
Another "vanilla chai" protein smoothie with frozen banana 
Homemade frappucino using cold coffee, almond milk and ice then I added some protein powder to it
Almond milk, water, spinach, frozen peaches, frozen banana and mango

I've noticed a lot of restaurants lately use vegan pizza dough, yay! I've had too much pizza lately because it's usually one thing I can eat when we go to breweries haha
Delicious burrito bowl with guacamole, kale, chili powder roasted chickpeas, cilantro lime brown rice, homemade salsa...
Homemade pierogies with Tofurkey sundried tomato "sausage, onion and kale
This cauliflower alfredo pasta (really recommend it. It's especially good the next day!), green beans, corn and salad. I made this ranch dressing and LOVE it! I don't know how long it lasts though so I've been eating it every day. I think I am ranch-ed out for now haha 
Leftover salad, green beans and ranch

This peach cobbler but honestly, it didn't turn out. It just wouldn't cook though! I even cooked it an extra 10min. Plus it was too sweet for me. I should have known to add all that sugar when the peaches are already so sweet! I hate when something unhealthy disappoints haha Like, if I'm going to consume the extra calories/sugar/fat etc it had better be damn good! Next time I'll make this.

 Also, not sure if I ever showed you guys my results from the Muffin Topless Summer Challenge. Well, if not, here they are!

Really happy with my results! Gained muscle, lost fat... I see a lot more definitely in my abs and I'm just overall a lot stronger and "toned".  Guys, heavy lifting is the way to go! You don't need to be doing SO much cardio!

Now I'm three weeks into Jaime Eason's Live Fit and love it!


  1. Wow, look at your abs! Congrats on kicking the summer challenge's butt! Your meals look delicious as always :)


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