Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trip to the Mall

I did some shopping at a mall the other day. I realized I hadn't done that in quite a while!  I found I felt "too old" for a lot of the younger teen stores and ended up buying from two stores I'm rarely in; Gap and JC Penny.  Okay, I also bought from Icing but that's like Claire's for grown ups...right?

You'll see my goods soon enough but here is what I wore shopping. I walked and took the train to get there so I needed something very comfortable in both the heat and for walking miles. I also like an outfit that is very easy to change in and out of.  Old Navy top, Walmart shorts, Forever 21 necklace (old) and Target sandals.  And yes, my iPhone is currently naked. I have an Otterbox case but it's soo bulky and doesn't fit in my armband at the gym so I keep leaving it off. I suppose even a cheap (pretty) case would be better than nothing though. Oh and I'm in American Eagle Outfitters here. I have a gift card but didn't end up buying anything.

I tried out some new false eyelashes. They are the 020 lashes by Eylure. They are very light and comfortable to wear! Also much easier to apply than others I've tried. I think they are a bit long for me so next time I may trim them. I found them at Target.



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