Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Changes

Instagram: sophiexelizabeth

  • I opened my eyes at like 6am to see my cat asleep on the bed, in my spot, using my pillow. I was in my husband's spot. He looked so sweet!
  • My purple hair before it completely faded.
  • Spent Saturday at the beach. It has been cloudy but hot and muggy here lately. Kind of weird for this area.
  • Out with friends for my birthday!
  • Some pink streaks I did with AB hair chalk prior to dying my hair. Not a great product, IMO... do all hair chalks rub off VERY easily? I couldn't wear this when my hair was longer because it'd rub off on my clothing.
  • My coconut cream cake slice a friend bought for me on my birthday! She bought me a slice of cake last year too. So sweet. It's always nice to have a friend that is very supportive of your vegan life style. She's vegetarian and was vegan for a bit so she gets it!
  • My latest VitaCost order. 


  1. Great pics! How nice that you and your friends were able to get together for your bday! Even if the chalk sucks the pink streaks look great in your hair and I LOVE those sunglasses!! And the cake looks delicious!


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