Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm totally in indulge mode this week and I'm quite okay with that.  We're talking a lot of beer/carbs!  Naughty.

CSA this week! Fresh figs!! What should I make?
I also bought a few other things like tofu, avocado, Gardein "chicken", spinach etc

Food Prep:
The plan was just to make granola but how can you bake oats and not want to make oatmeal cookies?! 

Homemade granola with blueberries and almond milk
I ate a lot of pumpkin oats this week! 
Pumpkin latte with sugar free coconut whip! I used Stevia.
Protein pancakes (I just subbed protein powder for some of the flour) topped with almond based vanilla yogurt, blueberries and sugar free coconut whip.

Homemade tortilla with Gardein chicken, lettuce, black olives, homemade "cheese" sauce (almond milk, nutritional yeast and some other spices) etc
Ate this with Beanitos black bean chips, yum!
I still have a smoothie pretty much every day but the pictures were getting repetitive. This one uses The Amazing Meal protein powder.

Pizza and beer at Lamppost Pizza before seeing Elysium with my husband.
Grilled up some Gardein chicken burgers (I use the "chicken parm" patties, they are so good), fries and zucchini.
Veggie pasta with homemade tomato sauce. I also made a "cheese" sauce using nutritional yeast, water and and psyillium husk powder... it looks pretty legit but it was weird. haha I thought the psyllium husk would just thicken it but it made it very...goopy. Honestly, it looked like mucus and almost killed my appetite.

BBQ tofu burger, so good!! Definitely recommend making it.
Stir fry with brown rice, quonia, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, onion, cashews and Archer Farms Mango Curry sauce which is amazeballs.
Wednesday night we picked up Thai food (I had the panang curry with mock duck and the next day my husband pointed out that the duck may only be vegetarian. He gets it all the time so I wanted to try it, totally didn't think about the fact that it could contain egg! So I guess I'll ask next time but honestly, I didn't love it. It was SO soft. I prefer tofu). Anyway, we took our food to Indian Joe Brewery to meet up with friends!

Pumpkin bars! So good!
I made a healthier peach cobbler and it was delicious! My husband really enjoyed it as well. Next time I may just do the crust on top and possibly do a mix of peaches and strawberries.


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