Friday, August 30, 2013

Low Carb High Protein

This week I got back to counting macros (protein/fat/carbs). I find it a pain in the butt but I know it'll help me to get results faster as well as just teach me better eating habits.  I've been trying to do high protein and low carb but that is pretty tough as a vegan haha I've gotten pretty good with low carb. Protein wise I'm around 80g a day which I feel is pretty good but I know many suggest up to a pound per body weight when lifting.  I suppose if I had a fake meat or bean with every meal, two protein shakes a day etc I could do it, but I'm not sure that's worth it. I don't want to eat more processed foods, you know?  Time will tell if this balance works best for me.

Delicious tofu scramble with soyrizo and potatoes. 
Homemade granola with goji berries, kiwi and unsweetened almond milk.
Chickpea waffle topped with banana, maple syrup and unsweetened apple sauce. These waffles are delicious as long as they have toppings. On their own the chickpea flavour makes them pretty savory tasting.
Vanilla frapp. 3/4 cup cold coffee (or espresso), 1 cup milk of choice, 1tsp vanilla extract and about a cup of ice.

Big salad! For the dressing, I put Annie's Papaya Poppyseed dressing into my Vitamix along with some hummus and avocado. Mmm.
Blueberry protein smoothie
Chickpea tortillas filled with veggies. The tortillas are really more like crepes but I really liked them! I've been on a chickpea flour kick since it is low carb and high protein.
Sometimes you just need a big sandwich! Ezeikal bread with pickles, avoado, cucumber, Yves "turkey" deli slices, lettuce and tomato.

Pasta with sauteed kale and Tofurkey sausage.
Gardein "chicken" burger with sauteed kale (I'm obsessed) and BBQ beans with this BBQ sauce.
Another Gardein "chicken" patty on top of homemade tomato sauce and zucchini
One of my favourite meals this week. Tri coloured spiral pasta with kale, Tofurkey sausage, leftover BBQ beans and my go to "mac n cheese" sauce which is just flour, almond milk, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, garlic, turmeric and chili powder.
Eggplant casserole. It's a layer of Yves meatless crumbles, tomato sauce, zucchini and topped with mashed potatoes.

This was so good that I forgot to get a picture until my last few bites! haha It's this recipe. I just didn't add chocolate chips and put less chocolate on top. I also made mine a bit too dry but man, it was good. It's like a chocolate bar, honestly. 
Frozen pineapple and banana topped with unsweetened coconut flakes.
Frozen banana with unsweetened coconut powder topped with a black bean cookie. So good!! Recipe.


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