Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hot Fall

Hey, I finally wore an outfit I felt was worth blogging about! That's about it though. I didn't do my hair or makeup. haha

This outfit is an example, at least in my opinion (like everything on this blog!), of how you can wear Fall appropriate items in 90f weather.  I love lightweight blouses like this because they still keep you pretty cool.  Leather (mine are faux) isn't the most heat friendly material because it'll stick to sweaty skin but it does have more of a Fall feel to it. So just keep that in mind if decide to wear them out with friends and each time you stand up after sitting for a while you basically have to peel them away from your ass and thighs...not that I experienced that or anything.  Ahem.  And of course, ankle boots, my favourite!  Thankfully, ankle boots work well with shorts/skirts/dresses so they are a great early Fall item! I went with black here but brown or tan is also a great option for warmer weather. Finally, the belt. Mustard is definitely a shade that I associate with Fall along with navy, burgundy, dark green etc. Adding in a simple accessory in a cliche Fall shade is a great idea. It could be a scarf, a hat, jewelry etc


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