Monday, September 2, 2013

Hot Hot

  • Enjoying a blueberry IPA at Indian Joe Brewery in Vista CA with a friend. I've pretty much given up on cocktails at this point. haha
  • Silly William. I guess he wants me to ship him to see my husband on the boat!
  • Changed at the gym to meet some girls for lunch at Souplantation
  • Can you spot William? Every time I take Forrest out, he perches on the ledge to wait for him (yeah him, not me) to come back. If the balcony door is closed he goes to the bedroom window. Once we are coming up the stairs, he goes to the front door and waits there.  Yeah.  He is ridiculous. :)
  • Pretty evening walk with Forrest.
  • hahahah I don't know why he sticks his tongue out so often but it never fails to crack me (and my husband) up.
  • He loves shoe pillows.
  • This week has been hot! Well, for us anyway. 90f and about 60% humidity. Forrest and I spent a lot of time in the shade outdoors because it was much cooler than the apartment where it has to be over 100f!
  • Almost ready to send some care packages to my husband!  It's kind of a fun part of deployment, one of the few things we can do for our spouses while they are away.


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