Friday, October 25, 2013

Canada Eats

I'm breaking this up into stuff I ate at home before/after vacation and what I ate while on vacation in Canada. It's all in order of consumption, haha.

CSA goodies! I took apart the pomegranates and froze all of the fruit!
Cherry chocolate protein smoothie
Delicious turnovers! Simply put slices of banana and homemade grape jelly between sheets of puff pastry.
Messy but delicious sandwiches.
Maple scones! I made these the day after I got home, obviously still had Canada on my mind! Similar to this recipe.
Wrap with veggies and hummus.
Veggie pot pie. Similar to this recipe and I made my own crust. It was really runny fresh out of the oven but it thickened right up later on. 
Pumpkin oatmeal and a pumpkin latte.
Yummy bowl with mushroom risotto, kale, avocado, chickpeas, peas, broccoli and cauliflower.
Frozen mango banana smoothie.
Frozen bananas and cherries with a few chocolate chips. Mmm.

On Vacation:
My airport meal. I brought Justin's Almond Butter from home and then bought a bagel and drink at Starbucks. My layover ended up being delayed so I really should have ate more!
My leftovers from having lunch at Gorilla Food in Gastown (Vancouver), BC, Canada). Pretty cool little place! Very healthy! Everything was mostly raw and very green.
Amazing guac (and beer tasters) at Granville Island Brewery. The Winter Ale is amazing!
A little pick me up!
Delicious lunch at 3G Vegetarian which is actually 100% vegan. I believe it is on Main St by Cambie Village in Vancouver. 
Blendz has almond milk! I got a delicious chai latte.
Snacks I brought onto the ferry.
Oatmeal topped with wheat bran and coconut based yogurt.
Helped my mom make a yummy cobbler with plums and strawberries. You can find the recipe in last weeks post.
Raisin Bran with a banana, almond milk and coconut yogurt.
Picking apples from my parents' tree to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving.
Quesadilla with mushrooms, spinach and Daiya pepperjack. I love the pepperjack one!
More oatmeal this time with some nuts and peanut butter.
Tabbouleh salad with cucumbers, avocado and mushrooms.
Thanksgiving! My family made everything vegan (besides the turkey!). So sweet! I made a stuffing with Tofurkey sausage, cranberry sauce (just cranberries, sugar and orange juice), a Tofurkey turkey and mushroom gravy. My mom made mashed potatoes, asparagus, carrots and a yam/peach dish! Amaaazing!
I made a coconut pumpkin pie for dessert. 
I had leftover pumpkin pie filling so I used it to make French toast. Genius right? I just mixed it with some almond milk and dipped the bread in it!
Tomato soup at Merrydale which is a cidery... a place that makes cider! We had taste testers too. Great place!
Yummy breakfast burrito and green smoothie.
Kale chips.
Awful pic but my dad made enchiladas using leftover turkey so I did the same with my Tofurkey and mushroom gravy. Yum!
Green smoothie and a bowl of coconut yogurt, cereal and pineapple.
Leftover tabbouleh salad and kale chips.
Yummy vegan cookie and coffee at Wild Poppy Bakery in Ladysmith, BC. It's a completely gluten free bakery too!
My lunch at Whole Foods. Baba ganoush, falafel, creamed kale, ratatoulli...
Airport snacks. This was an awful long day. Ugh. My layover was again delayed plus getting around at LAX was a crappy experience!!
Had to get some Timmy's before I left Canada.

Ah, I miss being back in Canada so bad!! It was a bittersweet visit. I'm SO happy I finally got to go back (It had been 4 years!!) but it made me realize how much I want to move back there one day.


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