Monday, October 7, 2013


  • My dog fell asleep reading The Economist. haha Okay, not really, but I thought it was cute...
  • Giant tomato from my CSA box!
  • My cat clearly not amused with me taking our picture.
  • Picked up this Flower mascara- review to come!
  • Bought myself a new video game. First time in a looong time. I completely suck at it because, uh, I suck at shooting but hey... I'll get better. haha
  • New earrings from Target and I got the watch for free! They recently had an awesome mobile coupon.
  • Packing for my upcoming trip. I was trying to really narrow down what I brought since I'm sticking to a carry on so I was planning outfits... but I still have too much. Gah!


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