Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Leopard Flats

So I mentioned recently that I bought these flats from Payless Shoe Source, so I wanted to talk about them a bit. I went on Facebook and asked if anyone had recommendations for really comfortable flats (and I wanted vegan ones for under $60) because I always seem to end up with one that give me blisters! A lot of people said they were in the same boat as me but I did get a few recommendations and one of them was to check out Payless as well as the American Eagle brand. Anyway, I ended up spotting these Dexflex ones at Payless and while I've always avoided the scrunchy flats in past, thinking they were a bit funny looking, I decided to give them a try.  I actually bought both this leopard print as well as the nude ones but I only kept the leopard pair. They fit the same but with the nude, they just looked a bit funny where as with this pattern I can't tell... they just have a "bulge" by my big toe when I'm standing.  These are definitely as comfortable as they claim to be! The elastic on the top bends well and doesn't dig in while the sole features memory foam. They don't dig into my heel/ankle like so many flats do! I'm very happy with them. So give them a try! They're only $19.99 right now.

Oh, also, I used to really hate all animal print. It took along time for me to warm up to even the most classic leopard print but I have to admit, I totally love it now.  I'm still not a fan of other animal prints though!

 Wearing a new lipstick I bought by the brand Flower! Review to come.


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