Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Going Outside of My Comfort Zone

It's really easy to become comfortable with your style and find yourself sticking to familiar items and similar looks so I try to remind myself to step outside of the box now and then, outside of my comfort zone! This is one of those outfits. Well, it's the pants really.  I knew these pants were outside of my comfort zone when I bought them and that is WHY I bought them!  I love to challenge myself now and again to wear something different, something a little unexpected. Sure, some people dress this way all of the time but I tend to be a bit more subdued. haha I was happy with how this outfit turned out though. I wasn't sure ankle boots would work with the pants but I think they do!



  1. This post totally made me laugh. The word muffin top is just hilarious to me. Love the outfits though!!!


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