Sunday, January 12, 2014

Outfit: Layered

I piled on some layers while the weather was still cool enough. It's supposed to jump up to 80f this week! I'm planning a trip to Seattle/Canada for the first week of February so I'll get my cold weather fix then! I really miss snow but I'm not envious of those of you with -15 weather right now haha 

Any NFL fans here? I never followed it too closely but I have watched every Seahawks game this season so I'm pretty excited with how we are doing! I will be in Seattle for the Superbowl so oh man, that'll be insane if we are playing!!

Aeropostale boots
Wearing Wet n Wild "24 Carrot Gold" (vegan) lipstick.


  1. Oh man. I was in Fred Meyer yesterday and they'd set up a couch, recliner chairs, and a TV in the middle of the store and there were like 10 people standing around watching the game!


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