Monday, February 17, 2014

Travel: Seattle

Well hello there!

(the various temps I experienced haha)

I recently returned home from an awesome two week vacation!! I visited three places; Seattle (for Superbowl (YEAH HAWKS!) and to visit friends), home to BC (family) and then to San Francisco with my youngest sister and her friend!  So I'll split the pictures into three posts.

 Flying into Seattle
Pike Place Brewery. I didn't eat there but the beer was good! My favourite was the Space Needle IPA 

Superbowl outfit!
My friend and I showed up at the bar before it opened at 9am to stand in line for a seat! Worth it though. The atmosphere was awesome.
Added some accessories ;)  
The post Superbowl celebrations were amazing! People everywhere cheering, cars honking, people dancing, drinking in the streets, people dancing on cars etc All in a positive way! (except for a few bad eggs that I guess trashed some stuff in Pioneer Square).
Bestie and I!
So my vegetarian friend has been telling me about this restaurant Bamboo Garden for years! It's a Chinese restaurant that is all vegan! Soo good! Highly recommend.
Jacket: Walmart  Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters  Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory  Necklace: Target
Pike Place Market   
I love layering! It doesn't get cold enough in SoCal to do much of it. 

I love Seattle. I've visited many times because my inlaws live in Port Orchard, WA.

I also ate at Veggie Grill which was great! It reminded me of Native Foods. It's all vegan. The mac'n'cheese was especially great! I can't wait to eat here again. Another night I went to Yardhouse which has a Gardein section with vegan options. I got some sort of rice bowl but didn't love it. Too much soy sauce (which I'm not a big fan of). Great beer list though. ;)


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