Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Travel: Vancouver Island BC Canada

 From Seattle, WA my friend and I drove to Vancouver, BC, Canada. I spent a night with relatives then traveled to Vancouver Island with my grandma to stay with my parents for a bit. The beauty of BC never ceases to amaze me.  I miss Canada a lot and while I tend to keep quiet about it, I honestly do hope my husband and I can settle down there one day.  It's home and always will be.  I feel right when I am there, y'know?

Traveling on the ferry. Here's Nanaimo.
Travel outfit. This was the one day where I did not dress warmly enough haha Liquid leggings weren't cutting it!  Leggings: Alloy Cardigan: Forever 21  Scarf + Boots: Target 
My grandma and I met up with my mom for lunch at Power House Living Foods in Nanaimo, BC. It's a raw restaurant. So good! I forget to get a picture of my taco salad but here's my smoothie and our desserts. We got tiramisu and cheesecake; amazing. I'll definitely go back here!
My mom recently bought a juicer so of course I had to use that! 
Layering up!
A few groceries from Duncan Garage. I love that place. It's a cafe, used bookstore and natural foods market all in one building!
Soba noodles with curry. I made this for my mom and grandma. 
Oatmeal with granola, almond milk pb and cacao nibs.
Pretty frost on the car 
Beet smoothie
New cardigan from Suzy Shier that I basically wanted to live in

It snowed a bit
Granvilla Island Winter Ale is so good. 
I braved tights one day haha Dress + Sweater: Target  Boots: Aeropostale 
Watched a lot of the Olympics with my parents. Go Canada! 
Went for a walk in the woods (which I so miss) 
More oatmeal! 
Jeans: Ae Boots + Shirt: Target Scarf: Forever 21 Sweater:  Suzy Shier 
On the ferry again!
Hello Vancouver! (Cambie St)
Visiting some relatives I hadn't seen in years :) 


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