Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Purchases: March

I was such an Old Navy addict this month! haha My goodness! I can go through long periods of time where I hardly find anything I want there but they've had a lot of great new items lately along with some awesome sales.  The trick is to compare their in store and online prices because they really vary! Sometimes in store is a better deal, sometimes online is.

March Spending:
- Old Navy Sleeveless Peplum Top $20 with discount
- Old Navy pixie pants free with gift card
- Old Navy Pixie Tuxedo Stripe Ankle Pants $25 on sale
- Old Navy necklace free with coupon
- Old Navy Boyfriend Skinny Kahkis  $22 on sale
 -Old Navy tshirt free with pixie pants purchase
- Old Navy Vintage Style V-neck Shirts $5 x3 on sale
- Old Navy Sleeveless Tie Top Shirt $10 on sale
- Old Navy Lightweight Zip Hoodie $15 + $10 on sale
- Burlington Coat Factory necklace $10
- Everlane Women's V shirts $15 each
- Target Veronica Ankle Strap Two Piece Flats $18 after discount
- Payless Kelly Peep Toe Wedge $15 after discount
- Payless Dream Slip-On by Airwalk $12 with coupon
= $197 
$65 over so next month's budget is $135.


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