Thursday, May 1, 2014

Purchases: April

Oops, went over budget! I haven't bought any skirts in a while so I'm still hoping to find some. I did get some shorts which is good because most of mine from last year no longer fit (thanks weightlifting haha). Of course, I had to get new sandals. hehe I'm a sucker for strappy sandals! Our Summer lasts all the way until October though so they get plenty of wear time.

April Spending:
$135 budget
Twice Topshop shorts $9
Twice Jessica Simpson shorts $3
Wet Seal Mean Girls tops $15 & $5 on sale
Target shoes $18 after coupon
Ross flats $16
Closet linen pants $15
AE bandanas $4 x2
Target tribal print maxi skirt $17
= $214 
+ 79 over  (May budget will be $121)


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