Monday, September 8, 2014

In My Belly

Omgosh, I swear, time is flying by so quickly lately!

Well, except for the whole cooler weather thing. That is taking it's sweet time, of course. It's hitting 90F this week. Oy.

Oh well, how about a food post? Here's some of what I've been eating lately.

Broiled grapefruit topped with ginger and unsweetened coconut flakes. If you haven't broiled grapefruit, you are missing out, my friends!

A kale salad with half of a Qrunch quinoa patty and my faaaavourite healthy spinach artichoke dip.

Chocolate cake for my husband's birthday. I can't find the recipe now but it's not one I'd use again so don't worry about it. haha I mean, it was good but I know there are better ones out there!

Homemade whole wheat pretzel. Why not. Recipe here.

Juice: oranges, carrots, ginger, grapefruit, lime.  A favourite of mine. 

Portobello mushroom tofu scramble tacos! Organic shells so that they are GMO free.

Having lunch at Veggie Grill has become a weekly thing with my husband, I have to admit. I had the kale ceasar salad and a size of macaroni and cheese... both of which I'd tried before. Their ceasar dressing is so good!  Definitely an indulgent meal but hey, gotta have some of those!

This was actually dinner tonight and oooh it was good! Definitely going in my "favourites" bookmark list. It's alfredo sauce made with cashews and nutritional yeast. Recipe here. The pasta is organic and gluten free, from Target. 

Smoothie bowl! 

I snack on fruit pretty often. It just doesn't make for an exciting photo. haha Top from Unlock Hope.

I recently bought these Sunsella popsicle molds and they are so awesome!! I will do a proper review and share some recipes in the future. This tank is also from Unlock Hope!

Crispy cauliflower tacos. Recipe here. This needed a bit more flavour but overall were really good. I do really like the crispy cauliflower.


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