Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Outfit: Comfortably Pulled Together

Thought I'd share two outfits today since I don't have a ton of pictures.  Summer is still in full swing here and will be for a while so you can all just shush with your "unofficial Fall" posts, haha.  

First look has kind of been my Summer uniform, I feel like. Printed shorts and a basic top. I love that this peplum top really pulls a look together! Even though I'm really just wearing sandals, shorts and a tank here it isn't AS casual as denim shorts and a cotton tee.

Again, another very comfortable look that feels pulled together. That's generally what I aim for. I don't really like to be very dressed up; I'm too practical for that and my lifestyle is very casual. But I'm also not just a "jeans and tshirt" girl.  This is just a maxi and a tshirt but the pop of blue and sheer fabric plus the knotted top all give it more visual interest.


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