Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aloha Review

I thought I'd do a review of a newer health product from the brand Aloha. I paid for these samples myself but am including a referral link. If you use it, we each get $5 credit! Win win. These are free samples but shipping is $5.

Aloha is a supplement company that sells "whole foods powders" which can be added to any liquid. They also sell a pack of supplement pills. What makes them unique is that they offer monthly subscriptions where you receive this products in the mail! What drew me to Aloha was the ingredients. I think they are very impressive! Read on to check them out and see what I thought of the taste (because hey, that matters too!).

The Daily Good packs come in three flavours; Original, Berry Blend and Chocolate Cacao. I thought these packs were a very generous size for being a free trial! There are 6 packages per sample box.

First up, Berry Blend. I really like using this in smoothie bowls. It's not overly sweet tasting but definitely has a berry taste. This one contains black currant juice which is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Next we have Chocolate Cacao. I love that this has cacao instead of cocoa. Cacao is the raw form and is a powerful superfood. On it's own it is very bitter which is probably why they've added coconut sugar and maple sugar. This still has a "green" taste but I love the chocolate flavor! Great for making a healthier chocolate milkshake with frozen bananas!

Finally, we have the Original blend; a dried green juice. If you use the whole pack, it has a pretty earthy taste so you may want to start with less and just see what your preference is. Again, I use these in smoothies. I don't really like the taste of any powders mixed in just water.  I really enjoy this one for my green smoothies!

 Overall, I definitely recommend giving Aloha a try! These are a great way to pack in some nutrients without needing to buy a ton of ingredients. I don't use them all the time but love having them on hand. The ingredients list is super healthy and while they do have a 'green' taste, it is smooth and delicious.

What do you think, going to give them a try?


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