Tuesday, November 4, 2014

6 Month Program - Holistic Health Coach

Next month I will receive my mid-certification which means I'm half way through the holistic health coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! So exciting!  Starting in December I will be taking on a limited number of clients at a discounted rate for 6 month programs.  Spots will fill up quickly so act quickly if you are interested!

As a client of my health coaching program, you will…
  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • understand and reduce your cravings
  • increase your energy levels
  • feel great in your body
  • learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them
  • improve your personal relationships
  • discover the confidence to create the life you want
Your program includes...
  • two 50-minute sessions per month
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
  • coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
  • access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes
  • my personal commitment to your health and success
  • invites to events 
  • free goodies such as snacks, water bottles, books etc

You can read more about my health coaching practice here.  

My mission is to help you to be healthier and feel amazing.  I will listen to what your needs and desires are and to help you make changes and reach your goals!  I know the holiday season is approaching but don't think that you should put this off until after. This program is all about long term changes so you can definitely enjoy your holidays and not feel deprived or like you can't eat certain things. Again, this is about YOU and finding the right balance for your lifestyle. I am also a certified personal trainer so if you're needing any  help in that area, I can tackle that as well!  

What do you think? Ready to commit to 6 months of improving your life in the healthiest way possible? If better sleep, less bloating, weight management, stress relief, a positive attitude, self love, more energy and an overall higher quality of life sound appealing to you... you are ready. This is your time. Let's make it happen!

Contact me to learn about the special offers I have going on right now such as the discounted program price and how much you can save if you pay in full.  You can email me at liftinglettuce@gmail.com, find me on my website. Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr


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