Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Capsule Wardrobe (Nov-Jan)

Alright! Let's take a look at the items I've decided to include in  my capsule wardrobe! Some items were a no brainer for me where as others I really had to think about.  It should be interesting! 

You can see my original capsule wardrobe post here.

 Boyfriend jeans (Old Navy), leggings (Victoria's Secret), liquid leggings (similar), midi skirt (similar), black maternity jeggings (Target), dark wash jeggings (America Eagle)

Note:  Since I'm 15 weeks and the baby is about to double in size, I realize some of these items are going to have to be replaced. I will just tackle that as it happens!

 Grey blazer (Target), varsity jacket (similar), denim jacket (Old Navy), red blazer (similar), utility jacket (similar)

Note: A lot of people don't include outerwear in their capsule but since it's not super cold where I live, I figured I would. I do have a heavier Winter coat but it'll probably only be worn if we head to Canada for Christmas!

Sweater cape (similar), black sweater  + pink sweater (pink not pictured oops) (Old Navy), black tunic sweater (Target), dark grey hoodie (similar), black cardigan (Target), grey sweater (similar), black patterned cardigan (similar), chevron cardigan (Target), white cardigan (similar), yellow sweater (similar), green sweater (similar), blue tunic sweater (similar), green cardigan (Old Navy), white cable-knit sweater (not pictured oops) (similar).

Note: Sweaters are how I plan to layer plus cardigans are great with a growing pregnant belly! 

Plum tunic (Target), grey long sleeve (similar), short sleeve sweater (similar), white graphic tee (similar), baseball tunic (Victoria's Secret), burgundy striped tee (similar), green tee (Target), black tee (similar), black blouse (similar), chambray (similar), white blouse (Old Navy), gingham blouse (Target), buffalo plaid blouse + green plaid blouse (Old Navy), red plaid button down (similar), striped tee (Old Navy)

Note: Most of these should fit for quite a while! I do plan on replacing the striped tee with a long sleeve one eventually. 

A few things to add...
  • I will allow myself to shop for the next few months but clothing wise I'm sticking to maternity must haves. I actually placed an order with Old Navy (I look like I'm obsessed with that store haha They just have the best deals! Especially now that I work there and get a discount) for some maternity stuff but I don't think it'll fit yet so I'll have to add/replace that stuff later on.
  • I currently have 42 items. My plan is to keep it under 45 so that I keep the maternity shopping to a minimum!
  • You'll notice I didn't include shoes. I know that's kind of a big one but I'm in the process of getting rid of a LOT of my shoes so I need time to wear various ones and see which I really want to keep.  Some I love but they just aren't the most comfortable, y'know?


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