Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pregnancy Favourites: The First 20 Weeks

Seeing as I'm currently almost 26 weeks, I've been meaning to get this post up! Originally I thought I'd do it for my entire pregnancy but I quickly realized some of your "must have" items change over time. I'm sure I will have more to add before this is all done and over with!  So here are a few of my favourite items for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Victoria's Secret most loved yoga leggings. I discovered that these actually make for pretty great maternity leggings! As my belly grew, I just stopped folding the waistband down. It's always nice to have items you know will still fit post-pregnancy, I think. I wore these a lot before becoming pregnant and I'm sure I will continue to do so after.
  2. Target seamless camisole.  This is another non-maternity item that I have worn a TON. It's actually starting to pill a bit now so maybe it's time to pick up a new one but for $12 I really don't mind. I love that these are very fitted but stretchy; I find them very comfortable (even at times where I wanted NOTHING tight on my stomach). They are also super long! They are a lot longer on the model than on me though since I'm 5'10. Normally I'm not into layering camis under tops but with pregnancy, it becomes a bit of a must. It's really great if the shirt on top is starting to get a bit short as your belly expands. 
  3. Trader Joe's ginger chews. Ginger is said to help when you are feeling nauseous so I picked some up from Trader Joe's. They weren't a miracle worker or anything but I found them comforting (and delicious).  I also juiced ginger regularly during weeks 8-13 (the only time I've dealt with nausea so far).
  4. Citrus essential oils.  During weeks 8-13 (my rough period haha), everything seemed to smell awful to me! And my sense of smell was super strong. Citrus was the only thing that really smelled good so I made a few mixes. Grapefruit is supposed to help with nausea; bonus! I wish I'd had an oil diffuser at that time because it would have been a great way to disperse the scent.  Note: A lot of essential oils are not safe during pregnancy but citrus oils like lemon, lime, sweet orange, grapefruit etc are. Just don't apply them topically before sun exposure.
  5. Sleep Keeper pillow.  Life saver!! I ordered this quite early on in my pregnancy and was so glad I did. I found it so comfortable to sleep with. Now that I'm in my second trimester and need to avoid sleeping on my back (not an easy task for me), this pillow really helps keep me on my side while offering support. I chose this particular one because of the price and while maybe the pricier ones are even better, I've been perfectly happy with mine.
  6. Sunsella mighty pops. First trimester I craved fruit, including smoothies and popsicles like crazy! So these freezie (as we call them in Canada) molds were awesome. I'd basically just make a smoothie or juice, pour it into the mold and freeze! I was even able to make my own preggie pops


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