Monday, February 23, 2015

Life Lately

Target shopping during a hot spell we had recently. Top is Everlane, shorts are ASOS maternity and shoes are Target.

30 weeks!

Jamberry "Cup of Tea" 

Outfits I wore in San Francisco last weekend.  

At Fisherman's Wharf

Loving Hut. So good.

Zpizza! Yum!

So we drove to San Francisco and back last weekend which is about 8 hours each way. We stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's on our way back. I'd read on Happy Cow that their pea soup is actually vegan so I got that and it was SO good! The other food was mediocre.

Baby is about to hit a growth spurt so I'm curious how big the bump will be in a couple more weeks!

Loving cooking steel cut oats lately instead of my usual old fashioned oats.

Giant bag of red raspberry leaf tea! Great for that third trimester.


Obviously I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately. Target!

Lunatick Cosmetics Labs lipstick in Grave Heart Shift. See my review here!


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